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Share your ENWLSI Experience

February 4th, 2020 in ENWLSI Go to comments

The new ENWLSI 300-430 is going to come to replace the old CCNP exams (the last day to take CCNP exams is February 23, 2020) so we create the “Share your ENWLSI Experience” for everyone to share their experience to prepare for this new exam.

Please share with us your experience to prepare for the new ENWLSI 300-430 exam, your materials, the way you learned, your recommendations… But please DO NOT share any information about the detail of the exam or your personal information, your score, exam date and location, your email…

Note: To get the new CCNP Enterprise certificate, you need to pass the ENCOR 350-401 exam (core exam) and one of the concentration exam.

Your posts are warmly welcome! Hope you will find useful information here!

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  1. Anonymous
    February 22nd, 2020

    Hello Brothers,

    Can you Help me with download of the new Official Guide and dumps for ENWLSI 300-430?

  2. Batox
    February 27th, 2020

    Please, dumps for ENWLSI 300-430

  3. raikone14
    February 28th, 2020

    Come on…Cisco didnt release the book… only in August… so forgot it..

  4. Share dump
    April 7th, 2020

    Hi bro,

    Please share the dump!

    Many thanks.

  5. Anon
    July 8th, 2020

    Anyone take this test? Any advice? Tks

  6. abc
    July 28th, 2020

    Anon, please send dumps.
    I have emailed you

  7. RFthebest
    August 5th, 2020

    lorelee(@)protonmail.com, emailed anon as well if anyone else has something would appreciate if you send it thanks.

  8. JJ
    August 21st, 2020

    Hello All,

    Took exams yesterday. Passed and completed my CCNP ENCOR

  9. Anonymous
    August 25th, 2020

    Hello Guys can you please share valid dumps, JJ congrats can you sjare your dumps please thanks in advance

  10. OJ
    August 27th, 2020

    Just Passed the ENWLSI Exam 300-430 with approx 900 score.

    60 Multiple choice questions, no Labs nor D&D. All the questions where from PassLeader’s dump. I used as well the Cisco online training course for training and reading

  11. CS
    September 9th, 2020

    someone have a valid information? this is my second attempt