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July 8th, 2017 in WISECURE 300-375 Go to comments

Please share with us your experience after taking the WISECURE 300-375 exam, your materials, the way you learned, your recommendations… But please DO NOT share any information about the detail of the exam or your personal information, your score, exam date and location, your email…

Your posts are warmly welcome!

Please don’t ask for links to download copyright materials here…

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  1. GoWireless
    August 17th, 2018

    200-125 CCNA = 486
    100-105 ICND1 = 347
    200-105 ICND2 = 268

    300-101 ROUTE = 146 SP0T0
    300-115 SWITCH = 831
    300-135 TSHOOT = 101

    400-101 WRITTEN = 248


  2. GoWireless
    August 17th, 2018

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  3. etgggg
    August 28th, 2018

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  4. guardian
    August 29th, 2018

    Everyone mention about Passleader 171q for 300-360
    71 Q for 300-365
    115 Q for 300-370 and
    77 Q for 300-375
    But noone shares this dumps
    This is a sharing community and dumps are not for passing the exam, instead useful for preparing the exam.
    You even do not discuss about the questions

  5. guardian
    August 31st, 2018

    You are selling dumps. This is community forum to share our knowledge. Please get out of here or share your questions for free, so we can discuss on them.

  6. Lumir Kunath
    September 15th, 2018


    Anyone who can kindly share the full version PassLeader 300-365 dumps???

    VCE or PDF is Okay.


    I just found that PassLeader also updated its 300-360 dumps from the former 147 Q&As to 185 Q&As on 14/Sep/2018.

    Anyone kindly share the newest PL 300-360 exam questions???

    Thanks in advance, all!!!

  7. Anonymous
    September 18th, 2018

    An engineer has found that voice traffic on the WLAN with ID 338789750 is being sent at best effort from a client that is experiencing issues despite having QoS and CAC enabled. Which option causes the traffic to be sent at best effort?

    A. The QoS profile for Platinum has been left at default settings.
    B. The client does not support TSPEC.
    C. WMM is configured as required.
    D. MSL QoS trust COS is not required on the switchport.

    Answer: B

    Branch wireless users report that they can no longer access services from head office but can access services locally at the site. New wireless users can associate to the wireless while the WAN is down. Which three options (Cisco FlexConnect state, operation mode, and authentication method) are seen in this scenario? (Choose three.)

    A. authentication-central/switch-local
    B. standalone mode
    C. authentication-central/switch-central
    D. WPA2 personal
    E. authentication-local/switch-local
    F. WPA2 enterprise

    Answer: BDE

    An engineer has enabled FlexConnect AP Upgrade for a FlexConnect group, but did not manually select any master APs. Which AP receives the update directly from the controller when a FlexConnect Upgrade is initiated?

    A. one AP with the lowest MAC address in each subnet in the group
    B. one AP of each model with the lowest MAC address in the group
    C. one AP with the lowest MAC address in the group
    D. one AP with the highest MAC address in the group

    Answer: C

    Which two components comprise the NetFlow architecture? (Choose two.)

    A. collector
    B. gateway
    C. event correlator
    D. exporter
    E. application transcoder

    Answer: AD

    Which is the recommended maximum number of hop counts to support data clients on a wireless indoor mesh network?

    A. 4
    B. 2
    C. 1
    D. 6

    Answer: A

    You configure a Cisco Aironet 600 Series OfficeExtend AP for a user who works remotely. Which option is configured on the Cisco WLC to allow the user to print to a printer on his home network?

    A. AP failover priority
    B. Split tunneling
    C. FlexConnect
    D. SE-connect

    Answer: C

    How is password recovery performed on a Cisco Mobility Services Engine 3300 Series?

    A. Interrupt the boot sequence and modify the GRUB boot loader.
    B. Reboot using a CD that is imaged with an ISO bootable file to reimage Cisco MSE.
    C. Interrupt the boot sequence and modify the BIOS boot loader.
    D. Use the emergency TFTP bootable image.

    Answer: A

    A customer is concerned about the number of associations on the guest WLAN and wants to reduce load to ensure there are sufficient resources for the High Density WLAN. Which configuration setting meets this need?

    A. Change the QoS profile of the guest WLAN to Bronze.
    B. Set a low Maximum Allowed Clients on the Guest WLAN.
    C. Configure MFP client protection on the high density WLAN.
    D. Enable DHCP Profiling and restrict guest devices using a policy map.

    Answer: B

    During deployment, a network engineer notices that voice traffic is not being tagged correctly as it traverses the network. Which COS to DSCP map must be modified to ensure that voice traffic is treated properly?

    A. COS of 5 to DSCP of 46
    B. COS of 7 to DSCP of 48
    C. COS of 6 to DSCP of 46
    D. COS of 3 to DSCP of 26

    Answer: A

    A customer has implemented an N+1 cluster of WLCs without using an AP high availability configuration and is experiencing an unacceptable delay when clients are roaming. Which two configuration changes can improve roaming? (Choose two.)

    A. Set master controller mode on the least loaded WLC.
    B. Set the AP failover priority identically on contiguous access points.
    C. Put all WLCs in the same mobility group.
    D. Place all WLCs in the same RF group.
    E. Define a primary controller on contiguous access points.

    Answer: CE

    A wireless engineer must design a wireless mesh network for the courtyard at a local university to support a large number of students. Which description of how the engineer designs the mesh network to provide additional capacity is true?

    A. Configure multiple RAPs to support bridge mode.
    B. Configure multiple RAPs on different channels.
    C. Configure multiple RAPs to support hardware diversity.
    D. Configure multiple RAPs with different antennas.

    Answer: C

  8. jacop
    October 3rd, 2018

    i already pass!! 300-375 on 2 oct 18
    anyone need dump please contact me email {email not allowed}

  9. Paulo Miguel
    October 15th, 2018


    Just passed the 300-375 exam on 12/Oct/2018!!!

    There were many new questions in my actual 300-375 test, around 10-12 new questions.

    Old version 300-375 dumps are NOT valid now!

    I used the newest PassLeader 300-375 dumps (133q~UPDATED RECENTLY!), valid enough for passing now!

  10. Sugar
    October 21st, 2018

    Where IE-W dumps?

  11. Genius
    October 22nd, 2018

    Please share the authentic wisecure dumps. Or let me know from where I can get those.

  12. Einstein
    October 24th, 2018

    Hey Genius,

    They r up ur ass and to the left

  13. Motoshi Ohno
    November 19th, 2018

    Congrats!!! Passed the 300-375 exam on 16/Nov/2018!!!

    A lot of new questions appeared in my actual 300-375 test, old version 300-375 dumps are NOT valid enough for passing now! DO NOT WASTE TIME ON THEM!!!

    And, I learned the latest PassLeader 300-375 dumps with 133q (Updated Recently), almost all NEW questions are available in PassLeader, stable and valid enough for passing!!!

    Good luck, all!!!


    Part of PassLeader 300-370 dumps FYI:


    Part of PassLeader 300-375 dumps FYI:


    Good luck!

  14. Motoshi Ohno
    November 19th, 2018


    Part of PassLeader 300-360 dumps FYI:


    Part of PassLeader 300-365 dumps FYI:


    Good luck!

  15. cisco
    November 22nd, 2018

    Hi Guys I made this group in FB for us. Cisco Certified Comunity please join.


    Just remove the * symbol

  16. Anonymous
    November 23rd, 2018


    H t t p :t.cn/E7mOgxN

    Black Friday, the last day of the event, there is a need to hurry to see, missed today, we have to wait for next year, such a preferential event, the focus is that the test bank is up to date, has been updated, and is free to provide updates.

  17. HJL
    December 7th, 2018


    It is still valid now, and someone passed the exam.
    H t t p:t.cn/Ew51D6j

  18. Anonymous
    December 23rd, 2018

    just passed the exam following the link dumps.


  19. Patrick Gost
    January 7th, 2019


    Anyone kindly share the PassLeader 300-360/300-365/300-370/300-375 dumps collection?

    Thanks in advance!

    Anyone kindly share the PassLeader 300-360/300-365/300-370/300-375 dumps collection?

    Thanks in advance!

    Anyone kindly share the PassLeader 300-360/300-365/300-370/300-375 dumps collection?

    Thanks in advance!

  20. Edward Hughes
    January 14th, 2019


    Passed the 300-375 exam few days ago!

    9xx/1000 POINTS!

    Only learned that NEW PassLeader 300-375 dumps with 133 Q&As.

    Still 100% accurate!

    All questions were from PassLeader, valid enough for passing!

    Trying the PassLeader 300-375 dumps ASAP, all guys!

    Good luck!!

  21. 300-375
    January 17th, 2019

    can anyone help with dumps 300-375 which are 133q or others? where can I find it, help me, only 1 module is left, I plan the exam this January

  22. Minombre Miapellido
    January 17th, 2019

    Well, all!

    PassLeader just updated its 300-365 dumps from the former 122q to the new 138q recently!

    Good luck!


    PassLeader just updated its 300-365 dumps from the former 122q to the new 138q recently!

    Good luck!


    PassLeader just updated its 300-365 dumps from the former 122q to the new 138q recently!

    Good luck!

  23. bgggfd
    January 18th, 2019


    There is a lot of information about 300-375 here, this is valid, you can go and see.



  24. 375
    January 23rd, 2019

    is someone just completing the 300-375 exam? are there new questions? what about simulation and others? About what? how to answer it? I want an exam next week, please help me with a valid dump?please…..

  25. Meliodas
    January 23rd, 2019

    @ 375,
    Leave me your email to talk.

  26. Meliodas
    January 23rd, 2019

    this is my email cisco 23 25 gmail com

  27. JH
    January 29th, 2019

    has anyone too 300-375 paper recently? can share your experience and knowledge? is the dump still valid?

  28. bgt
    January 31st, 2019

    passed ccnp wireless exam following the dumps:


  29. vision
    February 5th, 2019

    I passed 300-375 yesterday… Passleader Dump is valide about 90%. there are 5-10 new questions

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